Discover the maritime paradise of the Valencian coast and the Balearic Islands with our Project Posidonia app!

Our app allows you to explore and discover the natural beauty of the coastal areas of Valencia and the Balearic Islands, thanks to its interactive map that shows you the precise location of the Posidonia meadows. Additionally, you can learn about anchoring conditions in each area and receive real-time alerts about possible restrictions and protected zones.

With Projecte Posidónia, you will also have access to a real-time geolocation feature that allows you to receive notifications about maritime conservation topics of interest. Additionally, our news and articles section will keep you updated on everything related to marine life and conservation projects in the area. You can also discover the collaborating organizations of the project and access their contact details, such as social media, promotional videos, and websites.

And best of all, our app is completely free! With no hidden costs or subscriptions, you can download us from your mobile device's app store and start exploring right away.

So if you're a sea lover and want to discover everything the Valencian coast and the Balearic Islands have to offer, download Projecte Posidonia today! We guarantee you a unique and unforgettable experience.

At first sight!

Descubre los bancos de posidonia en las costas valencianas y las Islas Baleares con solo explorar el mapa interactivo de nuestra aplicación. Podrás visualizar su ubicación precisa y admirar su belleza natural.

Safe anchoring and navigation

Are you looking for a place to anchor or do you want to plan your sailing route? Look no further! Projecte Posidonia allows you to access detailed information about anchoring and navigation conditions in specific areas, helping you choose the perfect spot for your boat.


With the real-time geolocation feature, you can track your location and receive alerts about possible anchoring restrictions or protected areas. Moreover, you'll be informed about the conditions suitable for anchoring, providing you the peace of mind to enjoy the beauty of the sea while preserving it.

An app for everyone

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I have no coverage...

Worried about not having internet connection at high sea? Don't worry, our real-time detection feature allows you to know if anchoring is possible in a specific protected area or under certain conditions, even without internet connection.

Real-time notifications

Projecte Posidonia keeps you informed at all times with real-time notifications about maritime conservation topics of interest. This way, you can stay updated on the latest developments and contribute to marine protection.

News about the project

Do you enjoy staying informed about marine conservation and life projects? Our news and articles section will provide you access to an information hub where you can find articles related to conservation, projects, maritime interests, and more.

Information about the collaborators

Get to know the collaborating organizations of the project and access their contact details, such as social media, promotional videos, and websites. You can connect with them and become part of a community dedicated to marine conservation.

Video tutorials

Want to make the most out of our app? Access our video tutorials section with relevant information, from tips on how to use the app to topics related to conservation projects and marine life.

Your opinion matters to us.

We want our application to be the best for you, which is why we offer an active listening channel. You can provide suggestions directly to the app developers to include them in the improvement and development process, making the app a collaborative project with an active listening channel for its end users.

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